In This video You watch the 10 best sixes in cricket history.These are the best best shorts and give the maximum Runs.The no 1 long and Huge six is Played by Shahid khan afridi known as BOOM BOOM Afridi.He is Playing in Pakistani cricket team.The Second long  six has played by Powerful man Chris Gayle and he is Playing West Indies  cricket team.The 3rd on most biggest six is Played by Kieron Pollard.He is also playing in West Indies team.

NO 4 : MS Dohni (India)

NO 5 : Shahid khan afrid (Pakistan)

NO 6 : David Warner (Australia)

NO 7 : Irfan Pathan (India)

NO 8 : A.Symonds (Australia)

NO 9 : Shane Watson (Australia)

NO 10 : BOOM BOOM Shahid khan afrid (Pakistan)


Watch The 10 Most Long and Huge Sixes In Cricket History
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